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Pago del Vicario is an impressive project in Ciudad Real, the heart of La Mancha. It includes a modern high quality winery, a really nice designed hotel and a gourmet restaurant. The winery and hotel are surrounded by their own vineyards that are used exclusively for their wines. The whole place combines modern design and tradition, charm, contrasts and a romantic flair. The result leaves no one indifferent and makes one eager to visit the installations.


Pago del Vicario is located 9 kilometers from Ciudad Real and is flanked on the west by the Guadiana river and on the north by the Toledo mountains. The different varieties of grape are used exclusively for the wines produced in the winery, located at the foot of the vineyard. The PAGO DEL VICARIO project was launched in 2000 by the brothers Antonio and Ignacio Barco. Their different business activities include the family tradition of farming and the production of wines, which they have recovered with this new project. They built this original winery equipped with the most modern production techniques and that combines tradition and technology.

The name Pago del Vicario came from the location of the property close to the Vicario reservoir and from an ancestor of the Barco family, vicar of the diocese, who defended the "Pago" concept as a sign of high quality based on the monitoring of the product from the vine to final bottling, using only grapes from the farm itself.


The winery, built on the site of the vineyard itself, has an avant-garde design that not only does not clash with the surroundings but rather blends in with the landscape of the Toledo mountain foothills. It combines modern design and tradition, charm, contrasts and a romantic flair. The result leaves no one indifferent and makes one eager to visit the installations. The collection of new barrels is composed of different types of oak: predominantly French, as well as American and Caucasian.

Pago del Vicario vineyard is located 600 m above sea level. It has 130 hectares of vineyard that is devoted to seven different varieties of grape: Tempranillo, Garnacha tintorera, Merlot, Syrah, Cabernet sauvignon and Petit verdot for red wines; Chardonnay and Sauvignon blanc for white wines. The landscape is characterized by rolling hills sloping down to the river bank. This proximity to the river gives it a special climate, with temperatures that are somewhat milder than normal in the area and sharp temperature contrasts between day and night. The abundant sunshine and low relative humidity result in a healthy grape. The vineyard is divided into small lots, and the plants are individually cared for on the basis of each one's singular characteristics.


The hotel is located in the Bodega Pago del Vicario, the only bodega in Ciudad Real that has its own vineyard close to the Guadiana river and surrounded by an incomparable natural environment. The Hotel Pago del Vicario includes facilities such as a swimming pool enclosed in antique adobe walls and trees and a lawn facing the western sun with more than 7000 m2 of garden and terrace for relaxing in. They will soon have paddle and tennis courts as well as a small spa. You will be able to practise different sports activities, of leisure or even work.

Depending on the time of year, the Hotel Pago del Vicario also offers its guests visits to its fantastic vineyards where they can get to know at first hand the art of wine-making and the various varieties of the vineyard's products.

Footpaths cross the farm and run along the river bank where you can ride our mountain bikes, take a run or walk peacefully, enjoying nature, examining the various types of grapes and the rest of the local flora and fauna. The hotel's rooms are modern with a welcoming, comfortable decor. All have large windows to let in plenty of light. The rooms have air conditioning, 20" LCD TV, radio and WI-FI Internet.


The Pago del Vicario complex also contains the Pago del Vicario restaurant with exquisite seasonal cooking with modern touches without losing the tradition of our most important dishes. Short and long menus, which, as with our a la carte menus, are changed every few months according to the season. The chef is José Alfonso Merlo, who is a great enthusiast for traditional cooking and for the gastronomy of La Mancha, combining new trends and applying the latest techniques to traditional dishes, allowing the flavour to predominate and respecting the original product.



  • Agios. Red. Tempranillo and Garnacha Tintorera
  • Talva. White barrel fermented. 50% Sauvignon blanc and 50% Chardonnay
  • 50/50   Red. Tempranillo and Cabernet Sauvignon.
  • Monagós    Syrah (80%) and Garnacha Tinta (20%)
  • Corte dulce.  Sweet wine. Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc
  • Petit Verdot Rosse.    100% Petit Verdot Rosado
  • Merlot Dulce    Sweet wine. 100% Merlot
  • Penta    48%Tempranillo, 30% Cabernet sauvignon, 10% Merlot, 10% Syrah y 2 % Petit verdot
Text and pictures courtesy of Pago del Vicario

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