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Denomination of Origin Rioja

Camino Montecillo s/n 26360. Fuenmayor. La Rioja. Tel:  941 450 876
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Finca Valpiedra is a wonderful chateau style winery located in one of the most beautiful states of Rioja Alta, surrounded by vineyards and the Ebro river. They have incredible views and a magnificent barrel room. It is the flagship of the Martinez Bujanda group, owners of Valdemar and Cosecheros y Criadores in Rioja and Finca Antigua in Cuenca. They make only a type of wine from a single vineyard with excellent quality. They belong to Grandes Pagos de España.

PHILOSOPHY: Valpiedras's philosophy, is to get an old fashioned wine, in the way they like, natural and authentic. In fact, this is an incredible project that has been the dream of the Martínez Bujanda's family, since their beginning. To make wine just from one single vineyard, to get the highest's expression from that vineyard, every year

VINEYARDS: They have an exceptional 80 hectares vineyard, in "La Rioja Alta" in the banks of the Ebro river. The reasons of its exceptionality are its size, (97% of vineyards in La Rioja are less than 2 hectares), and its quality, It's located between the villages of Cenicero and Fuenmayor in a meander of the Ebro, that it is in front of Elciego and Lapuebla, around 410 meters above the sea level.

WINES: Every year they produce one only wine, which is the expression of every year's weather in this exceptional vineyard.That's why it's unique and different every vintage. Harvest is made in stages and by plots, selecting just the ripped bunches. some years even  during 3 times. Before entering the wine cellar, the grapes are tipped onto a sorting table  where any grapes that are not in perfect condition are rejected. Only the best grapes are allowed to reach the wine cellar. Once the grapes have been sorted, they are emptied into a hopper where they are de-stemmed and crushed  before being fed into fermentation vats as juice in contact with skins. The bodega is equipped with 31 small temperature controlled 25,000  liter vats to ferment the juice from the different varieties of grapes grown in the different plots. Once maceration and fermentation has taken place, we use only the first free run wine (best quality) from the tanks that show the highest quality.


  • Barrel ageing. During the tour of our facilities, this cellar is unquestionably the one that most attracts the visitor's attention. Slender columns, some 8 meter high, and discrete lighting create a unique atmosphere in this cellar holding the 4,000 casks used in the wine-ageing process. The casks are only stacked 2 or 3 rows high, depending on the vintage,  and the cellar therefore offers a spectacular appearance. This is the cellar in which Finca Valpiedra ages the wine for 2 years in order to achieve the desired aromas and flavors; for this we exclusively use new, 100% French oak casks at the bodega.
  • Bottle ageing. Each room at Finca Valpiedra has its own particular charm; here, the bottles rest in this impressive room with the metal containers intermingling with the glass bottles and offering a beautiful image. The wines remain in the bottles for at least 18 months; in this way it is possible for 4 or 5 vintages to coincide, there by allowing the consumer to taste a selection of vintages. Like the rest of the cellar, this room is equipped with air conditioning and humidity control in order to guarantee optimum ageing conditions.
  • Tasting room. To complete these extraordinary facilities, there is a wine library with a corridor leading off to a spectacular tasting room, located over the gorge of the River Ebro. This room offers an incredible view of the river, since it actually hangs over the river gorge itself. Here, you are offered the possibility of tasting the different vintages made at Finca Valpiedra, always assisted by our winemakers

Pictures and text courtesy of Bodegas Finca Valpiedra

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