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DO Rioja
Crtra Vitoria-Logroño, Km. 61. Páganos-Laguardia. Alava. Tlf. 945 28 28 44 Fax: 945 27 13 19


From 1957, the year this winery was founded, to the present day, the approach, calling, experience and enthusiasm of the Ugarte family and the staff that forms the heart of Heredad Ugarte, has fostered a spirit of workmanship that is the essence of our philosophy and corporate culture: ongoing enhancement in quality and service.

Therefore, the factor that sets our winery apart is not only knowing how to make fine wines, but also offering the best quality in each one of our services and providing top-flight customer service, actions which are backed by our being one of the few long-standing, family-run wineries that oversees the winemaking process from start to finish: from growing the grapevines to selling the final product to consumers.

Heredad Ugarte's vineyards in Laguardia and Labastida

The secret of our wines lies in our own selection and cultivation of the finest vineyards, adhering to tradition and putting into practice more recent winegrowing techniques.

At Heredad Ugarte we have traditionally selected and harvested one hundred and twenty hectares of vineyards, in the best spots of Rioja Alavesa: Laguardia and Labastida, achieving the proper combination between location, soil and grape variety so as to obtain fine wines with balanced colour and acidity that are appreciated world-wide


Heredad Ugarte

Family Reserva Martín Cendoya
Blanco Malvasía
Gran Reserva


Bodegas Eguren

Reinares Tinto
Reinares Rosado
Reinares Blanco

Eguren Tinto Litro
Fresco Tinto
Fresco Blanco

Mercedes Eguren

Other Products

Aguardiente Orujo Ecológico
Olive Oil Ecológico Virgen Extra


Text and pictures courtesy of Heredad Ugarte

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