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D.O. Ribeira Sacra (Galicia)


Carretera de Sober, 27424. Doade. Lugo. Tf: 982 53 80 10. Fax: 986 409 945.

Winemaking activity in Ribeira Sacra has its origins at the era of Roman domination. It is said that once the gold deposits in the Las Médulas region had been mined out and with need for new economic returns from its conquered provinces, Romans moved to the banks of the River Sil to start grape growing and wine making to send to Rome. One can still appreciate today, traces of that civilization, such as the remains of a Roman road in the vicinity of the Winery. Regina Viarum is at the heart of the Ribeira Sacra Amandi region, which represents the essence of a single land that gives the grape unique qualities.

Regina Viarum winery has the firm intention to produce wines of outstanding quality, and to achieve excellence in this wine from three premises: the vineyard, processing and wine.

Regina Viarum facilities have all winemaking equipment for the preparation of their wines with the highest quality. Surface built has a floor area of 4,000 m2, of which 2,000 meters are intended exclusively for teh winery. Regina Viarum has a capacity of 300,000 liters in deposits, all stainless steel and temperature-controlled. Today we have French oak Allier barrels with capacity for 10,600 liters.


Wineries Regina Viarum are located in the heart Amandi zone, attached to the appellation of origin Ribeira Sacra. This area has some orographic and weather characteristics that make it particularly suitable for growing grapes and wines of high quality. With a south-southwest direction, the vineyards are protected from cold winds from the north and the sun bathes the terraces throughout the day. The stone warmed by the sun during the day blunted the lower night temperatures avoiding frost. These are the characteristics that differentiate the Mencía grape in Amandi from other denominations and sub-areas of the Ribeira Sacra. We always have special care since grapes are the basis for our wine.


Once pampered and cared for the strain and seen the peak of maturity is the harvest begins, controlling entry into the cellar of no more than 10.000-20.000 kg. Grape newspapers, because when selecting bunch to bunch it is not possible Harvests more quantity. The selection panel controlling the four operatives discarded bunch that does not meet all conditions of good quality.

Grapes estrujada is selected by a machine roller open for not breaking too much grain, the cluster is separate and harvest estrujada is driven by a pump to deposits maceration, which will make its development process

In our premium wineries sentiment of preserving the traditional method of winemaking, it is the grape and land that determines its character.

Regina Viarum 've created two brands of wine along step by step guidelines previously explained:

-Grapes selected stands at 5,000 tanks and 10,000 liters, where macerate and develops differently to normal in the area: a lot of maceration, bazuqueos manuals, controlling fermentation temperatures slightly higher (20-25) descube and the finished 7-10 days of fermentation, thus obtain more colour, more extract and body structure in mouth, ultimately a wine long in the mouth.
- Proceeding from the same grape apply a more traditional system development in the area, which consists of: less mashing, fermentation lowest temperature (19-21) and early descube sometimes unfinished totally fermentation, this leads us to achieve a wine with different characteristics, with less color, something more red and more fruity aromas. Flavour softer, less structure and body, as is traditional wines Amandi and Ribeira Sacra.
The Ribeira Sacra Amandi is the essence of a land that only gives the variety Mencos some unique qualities.

At coat the slopes of Canyon Sil receive care from the sun the vines of Amandi that after a careful selection allow the development of this unique wine.

“Regina Viarum” is well demanded to visit by tourists and once they know Regina Viarum, they never forget the spectacular views from the central building over the Sil river. You can combine your trip with your staying in nice country hotels and a tour in a catamaran along the river.
The winery offers the possibility of holding meetings and lunches for groups subject to prior reservation. The catering is handled by an important restaurant from the area. They also offer customers the possibility of arranging the catering with a company of its choice.

Pictures courtesy of REGINA VIARUM

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