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property of Fernández de Manzanos family

Ctra. San Adrian-Azagra. NA-13.4. km 47. 31560. Azagra. Navarra.
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Winery founded in 1890 with our own vineyards which cover 370 acres. It makes a fresh start the construction of a peculiar winery “Chateau” style in a 37 acres beautiful estate, placed over a small hill where it is possible to see the Ega river join the Ebro river. From here, one can look at a lovely panorama of the whole Rioja. It is worthwhile to visit such a unique place.


In the new winery all the activities are concentrated, from the care of vines to the commercialization of wine bottles; moreover we offer some tourism services, trying to conjugate wine tourism with agriculture.

The estate lies on a surface of 37 acres, 2.5 of which built and distributed on different grounds, on a several height levels. In this way on takes advantage of the terrain natural gap and it is possible to respect the Rioja tradition of maintaining in a cellar the barrel area, contributing to keep temperature and humidity ideals for the ageing process and reducing the environmental impact.


Thanks to the long tradition of our family, we have vineyards of different ages, some of them forty or fifty years aged. This characteristic allows us to choose amongst various grapes in order to elaborate the best quality wines.

We have plots in several areas: Aldeanueva de Ebro, Alfaro, Azagra y San Adrián, all of them belongs to the D.O.Ca Rioja. We cultivate only grape varieties of our own region, which give prestige to the denomination: 65% tempranillo, 20% Garnacha, 5% Graciano, 5% Mazuelo, 5% Viura.

The grapevines are located on a type of soil mainly clayvey and chalky, at an altitude of about 400 metres with a climate wet and cold in winter and dry and hot in summer.

All these factors give to our wines a typical ruby red colour, with intense and elegant aromas and flavours.

Our brands are: “Finca Manzanos”, which gives the name to our new project, “Viña Berri” for young wines, “Viña Marichalar” and “V. Fernández de Manzanos” for special selected wines.


We in Finca Manzanos believe that wine tourism does not mean simply tasting wines; it is a very ample universe, by which we can spread our region wine culture.

Finca manzanos offers various visit types to our cellar during the year and special visits in fixed dates, following the “vineyard cycle”: short pruning, unripe berry, veraison and vintage. This visit gives the occasion to see how vineyards change during the year.

We offer other services too, such as: lunches, enterprise meetings, special activities etc.
Finca Manzanos is the first winery accredited due to its complete accessibility for handicapped persons.

Pictures courtesy of Finca Manzanos propiedad de la familia Fernández de Manzanos

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