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AT BODEGAS VINICOLA REAL - RIOJA Email: Email: Nalda, Km 9, 26120. Albelda de Iregua - La Rioja - Tf.: 941 444 426

La Casa del Cofrade is the first WINE CELLAR - HOTEL in La Rioja. It was originated in the premises of Bodegas Vinícola Real in the town of Albelda de Iregua, only 15 km of distance from Logroño, capital of La Rioja.

Albelda de Iregua's History goes back to the X century. During those days, San Martín of Albelda Monastery had already been built and it was as important as the famous Yuso and Suso Monasteries in San Millán de la Cogolla. In San Martín Monastery that there were around 200 monks, that's why the flagship of Bodegas Vinícola Real´s wine is "200 Monges", with "g", because of old writing. In this Monastery the famous Albeldense or Vigilano Codex was written, and their pictures have been used to name the Hotel rooms, like "La Rosa de los Vientos", "La Cruz de los Ángeles", "La Tentación" etc...


The place is a new stone building similar to a “monastery”, with the wine cellar situated on the ground floor, the Hotel rooms on the 1ª and 2ª floor and the Viewpoint on the tower, a sitting room for our customers. La Casa del Cofrade offers the following services: accommodation, continental breakfast, wine cellar visit, wine tasting, lunch and/or dinner in the wine cellar dining room for groups.

Albelda de Iregua is situated in the middle of Iregua Valley. It’s an ideal place for the traveler who is looking for peace of mind, out of the city life and in an environment surrounded of fruit trees and nature. La Casa del Cofrade is a perfect Hotel for resting after a hard work day and also it’s ideal for doing tourist routes or excursions around the place. It has 18 bedrooms, organized in double and individual rooms. Rooms have a rustic design with modern touches, each room has 1 or 2 beds, a television, canal +, telephone , internet connection, piped music, cocktail cabinet and a fully – equipped bathroom with bath or shower plate, hairdryer and welcome products. All rooms have balcony or window with views to Iregua Valley and some rooms have a sloping ceiling.

WINERY BODEGAS VINICOLA REAL Email: Nalda, Km 9, 26120. Albelda de Iregua - La Rioja - Tf.: 941 444 433

Bodegas Vinícola Real was created by two brothers born in Albelda: Miguel Ángel and Rubén Rodríguez Ruiz. On the occasion of renovating a picnic area, it emerged the idea of producing wine according their taste, it is the wine named "200 Monges". They produce only reserva wine. Later, it emerged the idea of building the Hotel, following the French château idea. La Casa del Cofrade offers all their customers the wine cellar visit: a tour of the wine production facilities and caves in the mountain that are full of wine bottles and barrels, going to the spectacular dining room that it’s the origin of all. It’s a small, familiar and craft wine cellar that has a very exquisite interior design.

The winery is built on a 2.000 m2 lot and in two floors, one dedicated to aging and the other one to the elaboration and storage of wine. The current capacity is of 900 barrels, and the niches have 5000 bottles each, that is to say, 50000 bottles in total.


  • 200 Monges Gran Reserva
  • 200 Monges Reserva
  • Viña Los Valles - Organic Wine Reserva

Text and pictures courtesy of Casa del Cofrade - Vinícola Real

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