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Denomination of Origin Valdepeñas

C/ Francisco Morales, 102. 13300. Valdepeñas. Ciudad Real. Tel : (+34) 926347075.
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Valdepeñas and wine have been linked since remote times.  All seem to indicate that wine tradition in Valdepeñas goes back to the time of the Iberians, and there are references as well to the Roman and Visigoth era. During the Muslim time, Valdepeñas was converted into an important area of production due to the special concession made by the Caliphate of Toledo, which permitted the elaboration of wine with the aim of supplying the city.

Bodegas Arúspide was practically born in the twenty-first century.  Eighteen members of the education, industrial and agriculture world, all of them lovers of wine and its culture, founded it in May of 1999.  Taken the decision to establish a winery, they acquired an old cellar dating from 1905 with a surface of 1.685 m2, which was restored and adapted to the new technologies however respecting the general lines of its traditional structure.
Our avant-garde and pioneer spirit is manifested every year, not only at the time of elaborating carbonic macerations and traditional wines but, also in the low grade (Landó de Arúspide) or ecological wines (Árdales de Arúspide) so that new markets may be reached.



Bodegas Arúspide S.L. located in Valdepeñas "Valley of Rocks”, is situated in the south of Castilla La Mancha in a natural crossing between the South of Spain, the Mediterranean regions, Extremadura, the 
central plains and at the doors of Andalucia.  It is conveniently situated in the National Highway IV at 200 Km south of Madrid.


Bodegas Arúspide has developed enotourism activities in order to offer the visitor an enjoyable stay in Valdepeñas.  While living the world of wine through its past and present in our installations from the end of the XIX century, your spirit will feel the content by the aromas of a great wine while enjoying a typical Manchegan meal between the huge clay vats.  


Alaris:                                      Chardonnay 100 % Young Dry White Wine.
Ágora Lágrima:                         Airén 100 % Young Semi-Dry White Wine
Ágora Joven Blanco:                  Airén 100 % Young Dry White Carbonic Maceration Wine
Ágora Joven Tinto:                    Tempranillo 100 % Young Dry Red Carbonic Maceration Wine
Ágora Barrica:                          Tempranillo 100 % Young Red Lightly Aged in Oak Wine.
Ágora Noble:                            Tempranillo 100 % Red Wine aged 4 months in Oak.
Ágora Genuino:                        Tempranillo 100 % Red Wine aged 10 months in Oak
Landó de Arúspide Blanco:        Airén 100 % Young white low alcohol wine. 8 % Vol.
Landó de Arúspide Syrah:          Syrah 100 % Young red low alcohol wine. 9 % Vol.
Árdales de Arúspide Blanco:      Airén 100 % Ecological White Young Wine.
Árdales de Arúspide Tinto:         Tempranillo 100 % Ecological Red Young Wine

Pictures and text courtesy of Bodegas Aruspide.

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