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Avda. Juan Carlos I, 100. 26559 Aldeanueva de Ebro. La Rioja Tfno: 941 163 039 Fax: 941 163 585

In December 1956 a group of 250 agricultural workers joined together to create what is known nowadays as Viñedos de Aldeanueva. Viñedos de Aldeanuvea has now 850 partners who own 2,600 hectares of vineyards, which is the 7% of the total production from the D.O. Ca Rioja.

Located in Aldeanueva de Ebro, with an average annual production of 18 million kilos, this is the biggest Rioja-producing wine cellar and the most important one in Rioja Baja. The wine cellar is equipped with modern technology, a fermentation temperature controller, cooling equipment, etc.

Situated at the foot of Mount Yerga with an extension of 2,600 hectares of wine, the Grenache, Tempranillo, Mazuelo and Graciano varieties are cultivated there.16.000 barrels are available for maturation. Around a third of the production is exported.

Aldeanueva de Ebro is a zone of a very little pluviometry and a lot of hours of sun, important parameters to obtain grapes allowing to elaborate wines of high quality. Vineyards offer a very interesting variety due to the different heights they are. From the closest zones to the Ebro, of an early maturation, that produce wines of a higher graduation, the vineyard goes up to the Monte Terga, where its altitude is similar to the one of Haro or Cenicero, with a slower maturation and with more acidity.

The company is involved in several projects. They have also established an experimental winery and an experimental vineyard with different ways of planting and conducting systems due to the wine technicians worry to apply the best conditions no modifiable of the vineyards, which will influence in the planting during next years.


                AZABACHE G. RESERVA
                AZABACHE RESERVA
                AZABACHE R GRACIANO
                AZABACHE C. MAZUELO
                AZABACHE C. TRADICIÓN
                AZABACHE CRIANZA
                AZABACHE ROSADO
                AZABACHE BLANCO
                AZABACHE BLANCO F. B.
                AZABACHE ECO. CRIANZA
                AZABACHE ECO. JOVEN

Pictures courtesy of Viñedos de Aldeanueva, S. Coop.

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