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Viyuela was built in 2003 by the Viyuela`s family with the idea of keeping the vineyards inherited from their fathers implicating as well the family on the development of the small town where the winery is located and where the family originally is from.

The winery is located in Boada de Roa/Pedrosa de Duero, considered one of the best Ribera del Duero`s area and where in around four square miles other very prestigious wineries are based on.

Viyuela produces right now around 200,000 Kgs of grapes turning into a bit smaller quantity of 75 Cl bottles. The total winery capacity is estimated in 200,000 bottles. The winery makes all its wines with vineyards varietal tempranillo of exceptional quality between 20 to 60 years old vines, all of them not further than 2 miles away from the winemaking building.


Viyuela dedicates all its effort to produce high quality wines. In that way a rigorous control is done throughout the making, checking each grapevine separately, inspecting and selecting the grapes during harvest and once more at the beginning of the winemaking process at the winery entry.

All the equipment used during the winemaking is also carefully controlled by our oenologist and winemakers. Viyuela use high technology equipment only. Each fermentation tank has automatic and independent temperature control to reach a perfect and guided fermentation.

The ageing is done in new oak barrels 70% french and 30% american. All barrels are renewed every three years.

During its first year in the market, teh winery has received 3 awards in the three competitions that it has participated on: GOLD MEDAL Mondial de Vins de Bruselas, GOLD MEDAL Mundis vini de Alemania and SILVER MEDAL at Salón Internacional del Vino Madrid. Thereafter, Viyuela has been participated in all the important international competitions, and has received prices in all of them.


Viyuela dedicates its production in percentage per year to elaborate the following wines:

  • Reservas and Gran Reservas. Ageing longer than two years in oak plus another year in bottle. 20%, around 40,000 bottles per year.
  • Crianzas. Ageing more than one year in oak and another one in bottle. 45%, around 90.000 bottles.
  • Vinos de Autor or Signature wines. Premium wines with strong personality. 25% - 50,000 bottles. -
  • Jovenes. Young wine ageing less than one year in oak. 10% - around 20,000 bottles

They make their wines with 100 % tempranillo grapes, from old vines between 20 to 60 years old.

Tinto Joven

Tinto Joven (maloláctica en barrica)

Tinto Roble

Tinto Crianza (2003 y 2004)

Tinto Reserva

Viyuela Selección


We invite you to enjoy our wines and to visit our winery when you come over to Spain.

Text and Picture courtesy of Bodegas Viyuela.

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