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The ecological/organic winery Luis Saavedra, is located in the municipality of Cencientos, Madrid, Spain.

The village of Cencientos is situated in the beautiful, extreme Southwestern part of the Community of Madrid and borders the provinces of Avila and Toledo.

The vineyard is located in the subfield of San Martin de Valdeiglesias, approximately 85 kilometers from the city of Madrid, from which one can take the provincial route of M-541 to arrive at the vineyard.


Cenicientos, has been famous for its wines since the XVI century. The area has continually produced quality grapes since the time of the emperor Carlos I until the present day.

The Saavedra family has a rich history as owners of the vineyard. They have been cultivating the wine grapes for four generations, continually improving their final product since the XIX century.

The Saavedra family just recently began producing their own wine, after many years of being associated in a cooperation harvest with other vineyards in the area.

Then they took the next milestone in their wine making career, of establishing themselves as an Ecological Warehouse in 1999. In effect, the Saavedra vineyard can produce a high quality of ecological wines.

The Saavedra brothers, Luis and Sergio, supported by their parents and spouses, have decided to continue with the traditional beginnings of their forbears: to treat nature with the utmost respect. Following this principals, they produce totally natural wine with the certification of ecological agriculture. All this dedication has allowed that the wines already should be admired for its quality and should obtain recognition beyond the Spanish borders.

The Saavedra vineyard has already been recognized as a fine wine by consumers in The United States and Germany, which has been a highlight so far in the family’s wine making career.


The vineyards have been passed down from generation to generation. They are located in various levels of hillsides, some of which mechanical work is impossible for the slope of the land. These are worked upon by more traditional methods, mules and manual equipment.

The surface of the vineyards is 17 hectares, being the middle ages of the vineyards of 50 years, coming to some of them at the age of 80. Nevertheless, different microclimates in the different parcels exist, that influence in the vegetative cycle of the plants, taking place differences of maturation of more than 30 days between stocks of the same variety and (portainjertos-graft) located in the diverse parcels. The (pluviometria-rain) test is about a 650-700 millimeters a year. In all, the vineyards are certified by the Committee of Ecological Agriculture of the Community of Madrid.

The plot of land:

The important plot of land are “El Huertezuelo”, of 7 has, where there is grenache, moscatel and fine red (Tempranillo). In the harvest of año the 2002 mean efficiency was of 450 grams by stock in the old viñedo (of 60 años) and 1600 grams in the one of 35 años. Property “Peazo of the Encina”, of 3 has, varieties grenache, tempranillo, syrah, merlot and cabernet sauvignon. With the grapes of this parcel a wine of property destined to a long raising in barrel of oak is elaborated.

She is one vineyard of dry land and conduction in glass. Property to“Encinar of the Parra”, of 2 has, grenache and stocks of 52 years of age. Property “Solana of the Sierra”, for the variety Albillo, situated to an altitude of most of 1000 meters on the level of the sea and its slopes so have pronounced that his mechanisation is impossible, making this work manually and the plow with mules.

Other properties: " The Castores”, " The Chorrera ", " Cercado Gallego ", The Fuente del Roble ", which totalize approximately 3 hectares of grape of great quality, of variety garnacha and tempranillo. In them one finds the oldest vineyard, of almost 90 years.


The care of the vineyard has been in hands of the family for more than 100 years.

All wine labours carry out following(continuing) the European procedure of the ecological agriculture, as the use of natural credits(subscriptions), amantillo and residues of vinificación due whitewashed that form(train) the subscriber's compóst. Herbicides are not in use for the control of the bad(wrong) grasses(herbs), not fytosanitory of synthesis for the control of plagues. Micronized sulphur is in use when it(he) is absolutely necessary and according to the allowed parameters.
A working is realized to the traditional style and a manual vintage, selecting the grape in the same vineyard. One is employed at the crop from the dawn until 12 a.m. hs to prevent the high temperatures from damaging the quality of the grapes. The transport up to the warehouse is realized in boxes of plastic of 20 kilograms.


All wines from this winery have the Denomination of origin "Vinos de Madrid", and the Ecological Agriculture Certificate.

Corucho 2004 Crianza.

Luis Saavedra 2004 Crianza.

Corucho 2003 Crianza.

Corucho 2005 Criado en Barrica.

Corucho 2006 Blanco Criado en Barrica.

Corucho 2006 Rosado Criado en Barrica.

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Pictures and text courtesy of Bodegas Saavedra.