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The Winery

Bodegas Prado de Olmedo is in the village of Quintana del Pidio, right in the heart of the Ribera del Duero.

Our wines take their name from the Monastery of San Miguel, commemorating the history of the village as well as the fundamental monastic contribution to viticulture: the monks were the first to plant vineyards in these lands of the Ribera del Duero.
We wish to recreate and commemorate the rural traditions of our village by making wines which are worthy of the name Quintana del Pidio and its history. We invest meticulous care and dedication in our winemaking, using state-of-the-art equipment and technology in the winery, as well as the traditional French and American oak barricas (225-litre casks) in the bodega.

The wines are all made from 100% Tinto del País grapes (also known as Tinto Fino and Tempranillo), and all from our own vineyards in Quintana del Pidio. The vineyards are more than 60 years old, giving low-yield but high-quality fruit suitable for making our Reservas, Crianzas, Semicrianzas and Jóvenes (young wines without ageing).

Monasterio de San Miguel

Four wines of exemplary quality make up the ‘family’ of Monasterio de San Miguel: Cosecha, Crianza, Reserva and Selección

Two high-quality wines make up the ‘family’ of Valdesantos: Joven and Crianza. 


After reception, we select each batch according to the quality and condition of the grapes. The highest-quality grapes are macerated and then fermented separately under careful temperature control in stainless steel tanks, giving us the ability to ensure the most effective cleanliness and hygiene during the process.

Once fermentation is complete, the wine is allowed to settle and clarify before being transferred to high-quality American oak barricas (225-litre barrels) with a light-to-medium toast.

The Tinto Joven is the first wine to go to market, after a minimum of three months in the bottle.

The Semicrianza is the second wine to go on sale. After six months in cask, it returns to the tank for a month to ‘breathe’ before being bottled. In the bottle all the generosity, subtlety and aroma given to the wine by the cask develop as the wine matures.

Crianza must, by law, spend 12 months in the cask and a further 12 months in the bottle. This longer period before release allows the wine to mature in an atmosphere of controlled temperature and humidity, within the bodega, before being released.

Reserva wines spend a minimum of three months in French barricas, taking on the austere, structured, individual aromatics of the oak before spending the rest of their first year in American barricas. This complex fusion of aromas and flavours from oak and fruit then develops over two years in the bottle, resting in the cellars at the perfect temperature and humidity.

The Enviroment


This area has a relatively cool average temperature and a marked contrast between the heat of the day and the cool of the night. This is a big advantage during the ripening season, ensuring robust skins for colour, and juice with structure and potential for turning into wine.

The vineyards are mature, with many vines more than 60 years old. This inevitably means lower yields, but the quality of the fruit is much improved as a result, and ideally

Our vineyards are in Quintana del Pidio, La Aguilera and Gumiel de Mercado, which are all villages with a long tradition of growing grapes and making wine, with many particularly.      


Pictures & text courtesy of Bodegas Prado de Olmedo

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