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La Mancha plain, huge stage, pass- through route, permanent food and shelter place where character-building winds blow.

A simple and beautiful landscape turned into a coloured tapestry that is full of aromas and covered in lights and shadows in its entirety.

Inspiration of painters, poets, musicians, film makers,…Winemakers.

La Mancha plain, a unique plain that possesses a never-ending scenery where colours, aromas and lights are of great intensity. A land to be enjoyed with the fifth senses either riding horses or in a horse driven carriage through the tracks of our vineyards.


The winery is located on a 200 has estate: 140 has. Are devoted to viticulture and the rest is for cereals, pasture or leisure.
Finca Los Nevados looks for the highest quality in its wines by means of a complete biological viticulture and an extreme care in the whole process of elaboration from the vine to the bottle, which will provide our wines with body, character and a defined soul.

Right now they sell 5 different wines:

Syrah 2004

Tempranillo Petit Verdot 2004

Cabernet Sauvignon Garnacha 2004

Chardonnay Sauvignon Blanc 2006

Viognier 2006


Our Historical Museum will show you the origins of viticulture and the different wine making methods throughout the history. 

Under the guidance of our experts, you will know the current World and culture of wine with guided visits through the facilities and vineyard, tasting courses and other interesting eno-tourism activities.

The visitors will enjoy a virtual walk through Finca Los Nevados and its surroundings with Interactive projections that will give them a closer approach to the winery, the team, our Project and our wines.


Finca Los Nevados also houses a fully equipped audiovisual room for 70 people, gardened areas with natural fountains all around the winery and a central yard right by the vineyards for any kind of events with the best scenery ever.

And last but not least, our wine and food pairing hall “El Lienzo”, the perfect place to end your visit and enjoy traditional culinary tastes that our wines match in a quiet and relaxing atmosphere.

Text and pictures courtesy of Finca Los Nevados.

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