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Mas Comtal, 1. 08793. Avinyonet del Penedés. Barcelona
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When we talk about Mas Comtal we talk about the result of an ACCURATE, MODERN and PIONEERING viticulture and a VANGUARDIST and INNOVATIVE task in the cellar.


The result is a project that was initiated at the beginning of the 80s by the brothers Albert and Joan Milà, with the aim of producing QUALITY WINES in the same rural house where they both were born and raised. Albert is the one in charge of the cellar and vineyard management. Joan, who is considered one of the most hyperactive consultants of the national wine sphere, is in charge of the transformation from must to wine. For that reason, when we talk about their wines we can talk about Author Wines. After more than a decade of effort and continuous improvements, we would like to think that we have gained the trust of all you, great wine connaisseurs. .


The Mas Comtal estate is located in the municipality of Avinyonet del Penedès, Alt Penedès; between the Massif of Ordal and the mountains of Mediona, Puigfred and Ancosa and the Garraf Park on the Mediterranean coast. The sea acts as a climatic regulator, and the beautiful mountain of Montserrat protects Penedès from the brunt of the cold winds that descend from the Pyrenees to the north. This combination of geographical elements generates the optimum environment for wine production.


Mas Comtal is an estate of 40 hectares made up of a total of 27 vineyards, situated at an altitude of 350 meters above sea level. Each vineyard has a different soil that may be good or fairly poor quality chalky rock with little organic matter—good for deep roots yet low production.

White varieties are Xarel·lo and Chardonnay. Xarel·lo was introduced by the Greeks and the Chardonnay is a native of Burgundy. Reds are Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon and Cabernet Franc, originally from Bordeaux. 1,5 has. of Black Muscat allows us to elaborate a Fizzy Rosé; a very funny and interesting wine. These are the varieties with which we have had most success; they allow us to produce very expressive wines that highlight their local environment. When we talk about conservation, our objective is to try to get a quality raw material in order to produce the best possible wine. to produce a grape that is balanced and in the optimum condition to best express our terroir and our identity.

Our method of conservation excludes any kind of synthetic/chemical products that will risk damaging our wines or our surrounding. We base our work on organic agriculture and since 2001 we have been registered with Catalan Organic Farming Council which is authorized to maintain European legislation on organic production. For these reasons we can say, that our wines are created in the vineyards.

In the same way that there are never two harvests exactly the same, there are never two wines exactly the same. Every year is another adventure and that is part of the magic of the world of wine. Each wine is the result of a combination of factors such as geology, geography, composition, structure, depth and drainage as well as the diverse methods for working the vineyard and the consequence of the whole cycle of the plant.

The knowledge of the winemaker is crucial to obtaining a good wine. The savoir-faire of the winemaker in extracting the maximum potential of the grape is also fundamental. Deciding the precise moment to begin the harvest when the acidity and sugar levels are optimal as well as the precise length of maceration with the pulp, the temperature of fermentation, the most suitable barrel to use, the length of ageing, all the way to the choice of cork. All these decisions are taken by the oenologist, Joan Milà, who leaves his very own personal stamp on the wine.



  • Mas Comtal, Pomell de Blancs
  • Mas Comtal, Rosat de Llàgrima
  • Mas Comtal, Pizzicato
  • Mas Comtal, Negre d'Anyada
  • Mas Comtal, Antistiana
  • Mas Comtal, Petrea Blanc
  • Mas Comtal, Petrea Negre
  • Mas Comtal, Brut Nature


Qalidès (sinthesis of Quality and Penedès) is an association that includes different Penedès wine cellars sharing a similar philosophy in their estate wines. The Qalidès group was created in 2004 with the objective of conveying the presence of another Penedès behind the traditional image. A Penedès that is concerned for the conservation of the vineyards, that respects the environment with its own unique landscape, and that works intensively with the different terroirs of each vintner to create and place their wines among the best in the world. Other members of Qalidès are Albet i Noya, Augustus, Can Feixes, Can Ràfols dels Caus, Finques Torres, Gramona, Jané Ventura, Jean Leon as well as Mas Comtal.
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