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Finca Loranque has wisely recovered the vinicultural history of a land that assimilates the wine culture as part of its personality. Only ten Km away from monumental Toledo, in the town of Bargas, the Díaz Bermejo family started in 1996 the recovery of the more than one hundred-year-old cellar of Finca Loranque, which has been declared Site of Historic and Artistic Interest. The cellar, located in the heart of the farm, and surrounded by brick-and rendered-walls buildings, with Arab tiled roofs, is a magnificent example of the civil architecture of the Toledo farms of the late XVIII century.

From the very start, Finca Loranque has had a strong commitment with quality and has been successful in making the best of the great possibilities of vine-growing offered by the surrounding land. This project, since the very beginning, has benefited from the technical assistance, in the field and cellar, of “Compañía de Vinos Telmo Rodríguez” (“Wine Company Telmo Rodríguez”).

Finca Loranque is a unique wine, with a strong personality and the character of a land with a heritage of centuries of wine-growing tradition. All in all, it is one of the best exponents of the new wines of Castilla-La Mancha.


Finca Loranque owns 42 hectares of vineyard of Tempranillo, Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah and Merlot grape, all of them in the close surroundings of the cellar. The way of growing the vines, in double-row trellis, with a controlled trickle irrigation system, results in a better quality of the grapes, with no useless increasing of the production.

In order to produce a healthy, well-balanced grape, the selection of the buds takes place during the pruning, and is kept along the whole growing process by pruning and harvesting while the grape is still green, followed by a strict control on the selecting table.

The purpose of the whole process is to achieve that the grapes which finally go into the cellar have a high quality and concentration of phenol. Wine-harvesting is manual, and the grapes are placed in boxes, so that the product is carried to the cellar in perfect conditions, and in a delay no longer than two hours since the harvest, thanks to the privileged location of the cellar.

The result of the whole process is a wine with a strong personality, result of a producing system that combines, with a great deal of care, the traditional method of wine selection with the most advanced wine technology.


The cellar, built with Mudejar brick in the typical Toledo style, is perfectly harmonious with the surrounding land, and utterly adapted to a landscape where the vineyard and the olive trees have been the main characters for more than a century. One of the highlights of the inside of the cellar is the coffered ceiling, all over the producing and maturing premises, a beautiful example of the use of wood in architecture which gives the building its noble grace.

The commitment with quality and the care for details can be seen in every corner. The cellar is equipped with the most advanced appliances, like the stainless steel deposits, designed with great care following the advice of the oenologist. The grape goes into the deposits at the accurate temperature, and the fermentation is controlled through the cooling sleeve and, all over the process, with daily decanting and long periods of maceration.

In the section for wine maturing lay 300 new casks of French, Hungarian and American oak, constantly renewed so that the wine can receive their best contribution. The whole premises are equipped with the most advanced technology in humidifiers and cooling systems, to guarantee that the production and maturing of the wine take place in optimal conditions.


Situated only 10km from historic Toledo, in the village of Bargas, FINCA LORANQUE is an open door to all kinds of events. Wonderful facilities, with enjoyment in mind, allow a perfect union between wine and entertainment. As well as the wine, a true ‘jewel’ of FINCA LORANQUE is the 100 year-old cellar; restored to its original form, located in a building declared ‘Of Good Cultural Interest’, within the surroundings of an XVIIIth Century farm. Perfectly blended with the landscape and surrounded by ancient vine and olive trees, the building retains the typical architectural style of Toledo. Of particular interest is the original ceiling that crosses the nave, and the earthenware jars where wine was originally left to ferment.


Our target was ambitious: to recover a century-old viticultural tradition and launch onto the market unique wines of exceptional quality. To be certain of success, we recruited the experience of one of the most rapidly rising wine experts in Spain, the Compañía de Vinos Telmo Rodríguez. Judging from the critical acclaim of recognised wine critics, who placed the wines of Finca Loranque in privileged positions of classification and quality, our aim was accomplished. Thus, Finca Loranque has on its own merit become one of the best examples of the revolution of Spanish quality wine.

  • Loranque el Grande Syrah
  • Finca Loranque Syrah - Tempranillo
  • Lacruz Syrah
  • Lacruz Cabernet - Sauvignon
  • Lacruz Syrah - Tempranillo

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