One Day Wine Tour In Rioja

You can do a one day tour from your hotel in Rioja or from Bilbao, San Sebastian, Burgos, etc. Rioja is one of the most prestigious and well-known of all the Spanish wine regions. The most traditional and modern wineries can be found here. Visit two or three wineries, indulge in a traditional lunch with fresh local products and enjoy medieval towns.

Duration: The Rioja tour can be done from San Sebastian (2h drive – 10h duration), from Bilbao (1h 15 min drive – 9h duration), from Burgos (1h drive – 9h duration), Pamplona (1h drive – 9h duration) or as a local tour if you are already in Rioja (8h duration). Tours from San Sebastian include two wineries.

The Rioja wine tour is always a great surprise, mainly because of the winery diversity. More information about Rioja
La Rioja is one of the most prestigious and well-known of all the Spanish wine regions. The most traditional and modern wineries can be found here. La Rioja is a DOC, Denomination of Origen Qualified, and it is divided in three sub-zones: Rioja Alta, Rioja Alavesa and Rioja Baja. The most famous wineries or bodegas are located in the first two. We make a good selection from the wineries of Rioja Alavesa and Rioja Alta for our wine tours. While people come here for the wine, the landscape is breathtaking, rolling hills with small medieval villages covered with vineyards, with the Ebro river flowing along the way

RIOJA WINE TOUR. The Rioja wine tour is always a great surprise, mainly because of the winery diversity. You will visit two or three of the great Rioja wineries. Start with one of the large centenary wineries to understand the history of Rioja wine. Follow with one of the smaller, more modern places, where the winemaker is trying to craft the best wine with a perfect balance of tradition and state of the art technology, and a careful selection of vineyards, grapes, barrels, etc. An authentic Riojan lunch will give you the opportunity to enjoy the rich regional gastronomy, and fresh seasonal products. Rioja has also a lot of restaurants offering modern creative cuisine always based in local products and tradition; we can include this type of  lunch if you prefer. We can also do a tapas lunch, trying different plates in different bars. Logroño and Laurel street or Haro are specially good for tapas

After lunch you can choose a third winery, maybe a small artisan place where they make the wine like in the old times, or one of the sates designed by famous architects. You can also visit the New Museum of Wine Culture Dinastia Vivanco, one of the largest in the world,or the more casual thematic center dedicated to wine in Laguardia, Villa Lucia. A great idea is also a walk in the medieval walled town of Laguardia (13th century), one of the prettiest towns in Rioja,or some of the other sites. Under the stone paved streets and homes of Laguardia it is full of old subterranean bodegas, and over them there are many historic monuments and sites, like the Gothic facade of Santa Maria de los Reyes church from the 14th century. Or just walk and taste some wine in the historical Bodega Quarter in Haro, where a few wineries are located. This is also called the Barrio de la Estacion, or train station quarter, and the wineries were established there at the end of the XIX century to be close to the train station to ship the wine.

If you want more information about this tour, or you want us to customize the tour for you please contact us.


  • Wineries will be selected depending on availability and your personal preferences, we can always try to include the ones you prefer
  • Usually you will taste a minimum of two or three wines on each winery; more extensive tastings can be included.
  • Although this is a private tour we do not guarantee that the winery visit will be just for your group unless specifically requested. Please let us know if you prefer to have a private tour and tasting.
  • Please keep in mind that Sunday is the worse day to visit wineries, Saturday is not great either but better than Sunday. However, we could arrange for a tour those days as well.
  • If you have a specific budget let us know, we can consider it.
  • These  tours can be done starting with 2 people.
  • If for any reason any given establishment is not available during the dates requested, we will change the winery, hotel or restaurant for a different one within the same category and level of service.
Itinerary and Wineries
These programs are just samples that we can customize for your. Let us know what you would like and we’ll be happy to prepare a wonderful tour for you.

WINERIES IN THE TOUR: Rioja has an incredible winery diversity, from centenary wineries that keep in their caves the tradition of Rioja, like López Heredia, CVNE, Marqués de Riscal, Bodegas Bilbainas or Muga to the most modern ones designed by famous architects like Ysios, Baigorri, Finca Valpiedra, Campo Viejo, Viña Real or Roda. There are also a lot of small family wineries, some using artisan traditions like Carlos San Pedro Perez de Viñaspre o Arar o Tierra, and some more modern making some of the best wines in the area, like Miguel Merino, Remirez de Ganuza, Contador, Valenciso, Pujanza o Contino. We´ll select the wineries based on availability and your personal preferences.

RIOJA FROM BILBAO OR BURGOS (approximate duration 9h)
9.00 AM. Pick up from your hotel
10.00 AM. First winery visit with wine tasting
12.00 PM. Second winery visit with wine tasting
2.00 PM. Traditional lunch in a winery or a restaurant
4.00 PM. Visit another winery, Wine Museum, Laguardia or back to Bilbao or Burgos with expected arrival at 6.00PM

RIOJA FROM SAN SEBASTIAN (approximate duration 10h)
8.30 AM. Pick up from your hotel
10.30 AM. First winery visit with wine tasting
12.30 PM. Second winery visit with wine tasting
2.30 PM. Traditional lunch in a winery or a restaurant and walk around the medieval town of Laguardia or any of the medieval towns in Rioja
4.30PM. Back to San Sebastian with expected arrival at 6.30PM

LOCAL WINE DAY TOUR IN RIOJA. If you are already in Rioja you can have a local private wine tour for the day. Pick up at 10.00 AM, and back at 6.00PM. Approximate duration 8 h.

Approximate driving times:
Rioja – Bilbao: aprox 1 h 15 min
Rioja – Burgos: aprox 1h 15 min
Rioja – San Sebastian: aprox 1h 45 min
Rioja – Madrid: aprox 3 h 30 min