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VINTAGE SPAIN NEWSLETTER. Gourmet Wine Tasting Tours in Spain

Harvest in Spain takes place in September and October. The fields are filled with the vines full of grapes, fruits ready for being picked up, a precious gift form Earth. We will feel the freshness of the moment, the joy from the farmers and the given disposition of the soil. Something you cannot miss. This time Vintage Spain welcomes you to experience Harvest Time in Rioja with different harvest experiences, Harvest: from Grape to Bottle for September (harvest festival in Logroño) and Harvest experience: Picking and Stomping with hands on harvest activities in October.

We also have a special cooking class in Madrid starting a series of Saturday cooking classes open to anybody who wants to learn about the famous Spanish cuisine.

We recommend two wineries: Zifar in Ribera del Duero and Hacienda del Carche in Jumilla. Two different hotels: luxury Hotel Peralada, wine spa & golf in Gerona, and a rural lodging in Rioja: Mirador de la Chana. Our special recommendation: Capilla del Fraile an olive oil mill and winery, in Toledo.

Do not forget to have a look to our agenda, with all our tours and a lot of activities to enjoy wine and gastronomy in Spain.

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With this special cooking class in Madrid we start a series of Saturday cooking classes in Madrid open to anybody who wants to learn about the famous Spanish cuisine. Traditional tapas or full dishes made with the Spanish style that is now world famous. Tradition and modernity at its best.  Book now: info@vintagespain.comharvest rioja


To celebrate the harvest in Rioja we have two different harvest experiences for you.

Harvest experience from grape to bottle, where you will visit the vineyard, pick some grapes, and then go to an artisan cellar where you will learn how wine is made, taste wine from the barrel and bottle your own wine (September 23rd, 28th and 30th).

Traditional harvest: Picking and Stomping. After picking the grapes from the vineyard you will press them with your own feet in one of the stone lagares or lakes that were in use in Rioja during the XVI century.

Check our harvest programs. These tours can be customized for your group.


BODEGA ZIFAR in Peñafiel (Valladolid)- DO Ribera del Duero
Bodegas Zifar owes its name to the very first Knight book ever written in Castilian, "Zifar, the Knight". Bodegas Zifar is located in Peñafiel, very close to El Coso square. Their dedication to wine quality starts in the vineyard allowing them to reach the highest quality during the harvest that will lead to the best wine. More information

HACIENDA DEL CARCHE in Jumilla (Murcia)- DO Jumilla
Hacienda del Carche is directed towards satisfying the palates of new consumers of the DO Jumilla wine. Vineyards and olive groves are the body and soul of this land of sun. There, the irrigated, shady crops of the Sierra del Carche area are combined with its dry, wild and revealing side; the maturity of the vineyards more than fifty years old, with the freshness of those planted in 2007; the explosion of contrasts that constitutes the profound essence of this region. More information


- September 12. Cooking class in Madrid. Group cooking class in Madrid.

- September 23rd, 28th and 30th, Harvest Rioja: From Grape to bottle.   1 day or 2 nights in Rioja

- October 11th, Rioja Harvest Experience: Picking and Stomping. 1 day in Rioja

- Customized Private Tours. We organize tours in RIOJA, RIBERA DEL DUERO, TORO, LA MANCHA, PENEDES, PRIORAT, south of Spain. etc, for groups or individuals.

- Semiguided tours, and short breaks. All regions

- One Day trips

- Cultural, tapas and wine tours, cooking classes and wine tastings in different Spanish cities

- Corporate events

- Tapas tours in Madrid

Tour samples and itineraries
Tours are open all year upon request. Please contact us


Vintage Spain can help you attending any of these events

- 21- 27 September: San Mateo Harvest Festival in Logroño

-20-22 October, Salon Millesime in Madrid

- 31 Oct - 2 Nov. Expogalaecia in Vigo. International Tourism Fair

- 12-13 November: Wine Future Rioja09. Logroño


Accommodation at the Hotel Peralada offers 2 exclusives suites and 53
comfortable rooms with wonderful views of the golf course, Albera mountain range and Peralada medieval village with the Pyrenees at the back. Peace and calmness in an exclusive environment with spaces to relax and enjoy the leisure time, completed with a wine spa and a wonderful restaurant.
More information

MIRADOR DE LA CHANA in San Asensio - DO Rioja
Mirador de la Chana is a small rural lodging in San Asensio, in the heart od la Rioja Alta, surrounded by good wine, gastronomy, vineyards, landscape and historical sites. It has six comfortable rooms, a terrace, living area and a gym. All you need to enjoy Rioja. More information


WINERY AND OLIVE OIL MILL CAPILLA DEL FRAILE in San Bartolomé de las Abiertas (Toledo).
Capilla del Fraile has a passion for its wine and its olive oil. And they are happy to share it with their visitors. After collecting the grapes by hand in boxes, they are brought, in perfect condition, to the sorting table. To avoid breaking the grape seeds, they do not use crushes or aggressive extraction techniques. This helps make their wines full-bodied and amiable because of their well refined, full tannins.
- CAPILLA del FRAILE´s extra virgin olive oil is extracted exclusively from olives rustically grown in their lands, all of which are geographically located in the region of Toledo, in central Spain. They use Piqual and Arbequina varieties. More information

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