Basque country is part of the green Spain, extremely pretty, with green rolling hills, beautiful beaches, fisherman towns and extraordinary food. San Sebastian and Bilbao with the Guggenheim Museum are probably the best k now cities in Basque Country. San Sebastian is famous for its gastronomy, from tapas bars to Michelin star restaurants; this is one of the towns in the world with more Michelin stars, home of the new creative Spanish cuisine, without forgetting the traditional food based mainly in seasonal product. Pintxos are the combination of both in miniature cooking. Bilbao has one of the most impressive modern buildings in Spain; the Guggenheim Museum build by Frank Ghery, right by the river that has made Bilbao an architecture lover destination.

Fisherman towns are a pleasure to vista and walk around, like Getaria the birth place of Juan Sebastian Elcano, and the fashion designer Balenciaga, that now host his museum, or Hondarribia with an impressive fortress that has beautiful views of both Spanish and French coast. It is also close to the French absque coast, Biarritz and San Juan de Luz, that can give you a peek of good French living. While there is only txacoli wine in this region, a white wine with fresh high acidity, it is very close to Rioja, the most well known wine region in Spain, and you can always do a wine tour from there.