Andalucia is the expression of the Spanish spirit, good live, good wine and food, and beautiful cities. It is the home of Sherry, and also has reds in Ronda and whites in Cadiz and Malaga.  Here you can find together the two jewels of Spanish cuisine: Iberico ham and olive oil. Andalucia suggest a lot of Spanish topics like bulls, horses, flamenco and fiesta, easy living in the south of Spain where you can still feel the Moorish influence. Here is not only about wine and food, is about bulls and horses and history and art, from the Phoenicians of Gadir to the Muslems that were in this part of Spain during 700 years.

Not to be missed, the mosque of Cordoba, Sevilla with the Alcazar and la Giralda, Granada and the Alhambra, Jerez de la Frontera with the sherry cellars like cathedrals for wine, Ronda and all the white villages and of course the coast from Huelva, to Cadiz, Almeria and Costa del Sol in Malaga, where you can find some of the most luxurious hotels.

You could eat all day here, form tapas in the small taverns, to traditional restaurants, and Michelin star. Food is very diverse like Iberico ham, fish and seafood and of course, the liquid gold of Spain, olive oil. The red tuna from Cadiz is among the best in the world, a favorite of the Japanese.  But also fish, beef, and lots of vegetables makes it a gourmet delight a tour in this area. Besides Sherry, the fortified wine loved by the British, special mention is deserved by the wines of Ronda, red wines in a land already cultivated by the Romans, and in a very beautiful town. If you are an animal lover, you´ll also love a visit to a bull farm or a watching the horses in the Royal School in Jerez.