Galicia is well known in Spain and in the world for St James pilgrimage way, its white wines and fantastic seafood. But you should know that it is also a very beautiful land, always green, full of history, and tradition. It is located in the north western part of Spain, right above Portugal, and has both Portuguese and Celtic influence. Here you´ll listen to gallego, the language spoken in the region, also Latin based and quite close to Castellano. We invite you to become a pilgrim like the ones that have traveled to Galicia since the 9th century, and discover Santiago de Compostela, and its impressive Romanesque cathedral, the coastal towns of Vigo or La Coruña, and all the smaller places like Finisterre, the place where land ends, and the coastal towns. Talking about wine, Galicia has some of the best whites in Spain, Alvariños in Rias Baixas and Godellos in Valdeorras and Ribeira Sacra. Ribeira Sacra is an astonishing area in the banks of the Sil river, where the vineyards are planted in terraces and the views are breathtaking. You can also find reds, but white is better with seafood. For Spanish people Galicia is synonymous with good food, mostly seafood, but also veal, cheese, etc. Let us help you plan your trip to Galicia and you´ll be glad to become a gourmet pilgrim