Madrid is the capital of Spain, the largest and one of the most interesting cities. We invite you to make the most of your stay in Madrid or just escape it for a day

We invite you to walk Madrid and enjoy all the possibilities this European city offers you. Come with us and you will discover the modern, the ancient and the monumental Madrid, with its museums, its monuments and of course its history. You will also enjoy its shops paradise, parks, places to enjoy music, theatre or flamenco, bullfighting, and other leisure possibilities, without forgetting the wine and gastronomy culture.

Madrid has a wide offer of restaurants where local, regional and international cuisine is served. Who doesn't know its popular cocido? But Madrid is also very popular for its typical bars and little stores. Our local guides will take you to the significant tapas bars the capital has, where you could enjoy delicious wine and food. The most popular tapas are of mussel, squid, and specially the bravas, fried potatoes served with a red, thick and spicy sauce. These are our wine and tapas tours or gastronomic walks

Either if you are two people or a group, you have the opportunity of choosing a cooking class in Madrid. Our hands on cooking classes would take you a bit farther on discovering Spain’s gastronomic secrets. If you are interested on knowing Spanish wines, you can join one of our wine tasting in Madrid, where wine professionals will give you a professional class on some of the wines Spain has to offer.

But you can escape Madrid and have a one day wine trip or short wine excursion to Ribera del Duero, Toledo or la Mancha. In these trips you will experience all the aspects of wine, from the types of grapes and how to grow them, to the secrets of wine tasting. You will visit wineries and discover the art and gastronomy of the area. More about one day trips.

And if you are in Madrid we always offer you personal shopper services, nights of flamenco, harvests, corporate activities and much more.
Our tours and activities are private just for you. If you are looking for open group activities check Gourmet Madrid

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