Tapas and Wine Tours

Tapas is a very Spanish tradition. As you probably know tapas are small dishes that people have instead of a more formal meal. Usually we have different tapas and wines in different bars, Spanish people love bar hoping.
Tapas and wine tours are a fun way to enjoy Spanish gastronomy and good wine, they can be organized in almost any city and they have a limited duration in case you don't have enough time to do a winery tour. We organize tapas tours for groups of different sizes, from two people to more than a hundred persons (we have done, it's no joke and it is great). Tapas tours also incorporate a cultural aspect to get to know the town a little bit better, its history, monuments, etc. We also design tapas tours and wine tours where you will have the opportunity to taste different wines in every bar, having like a mini-tour of Spanish wines in just few hours.

Our tapas tours are perfect for corporate activities, complement of incentive trips or business meetings. We design them so the group will have a very good time with a lot of interaction.

We offer tapas and wine tours in the main Spanish cities, in fact this is one of our specialties. We often try to include some cultural sites in our tapas tours, or make a thematic tapas tours. The best places are Madrid, Barcelona, Sevilla, San Sebastian, Logroño, Burgos, Valladolid, Haro, almost any Spanish town will be good.

In Madrid, for non private tours check Gourmet Madrid

Private Tapas Tours In Madrid

There are two "Madrids": the one you can’t help but see, and the one you need a local person to show you. We’d like to invite you to enjoy the experience of "ir de tapas", as madrileños do. A tapas tour in the best way to discover the city.
Our tapas tours has been featured in the Wall Street Journal on April 16th, 2010.