Gastronomic Activities in San Sebastian

If there is one city in Spain that comes to your mind when you think about food, this is San Sebastian. A foodie dream! From Michelin star restaurants to pintxos or tapas in the small bars. This is the place to take a cooking class or a tapas tour. And it is just 2h from Rioja so you can even do a wine tour as well, or a trip to the Basque coast.
Tapas are called pintxos in the Basque country, and specially in San Sebastian the pintxos tradition has become and art for everybody to enjoy. Our local guides will take you to the best bars in the city where you can enjoy delicious wine and food. Duration aprox 3h.

Hands on cooking classes that would take you a bit farther on discovering Spain’s and the Basque Country gastronomic secrets. There are two options: pintxo menu with market visit for lunch or traditional Basque menu for dinner. Duration 3h - 4h.

Getaria is the heart of one of the smallest wine region in Spain, txacoli, a tart white wine that is produce just in the north of Spain. You´ll visit a winery and the coastal town of Getaria, just half a hour from San Sabastian. Duration about 4h.

Rioja is only 2h from San Sebastian, and you can visits two wineries and have a traditional lunch before coming back to San Sebastian. Duration 9h.

If you are interested on knowing about Spanish wines, you can enjoy one of our wine tastings, where wine professionals can do a wine tasting class or a commented tasting.

If you want more information about this tour, or you want us to customize the tour for you please contact us.


  • Wineries will be selected depending on availability and your personal preferences, we can always try to include the ones you prefer
  • Usually you will taste a minimum of two or three wines on each winery; more extensive tastings can be included.
  • Although this is a private tour we do not guarantee that the winery visit will be just for your group unless specifically requested. Please let us know if you prefer to have a private tour and tasting.
  • Please keep in mind that Sunday is the worse day to visit wineries, Saturday is not great either but better than Sunday. However, we could arrange for a tour those days as well.
  • If you have a specific budget let us know, we can consider it.
  • These  tours can be done starting with 2 people.
  • If for any reason any given establishment is not available during the dates requested, we will change the winery, hotel or restaurant for a different one within the same category and level of service.

Pintxos/Tapas Tour
Tapas are small dishes or cuisine in miniature, also called pintxos in the Basque country, although pintxos are really food in a pincho or stick. This typical Spanish tradition has crossed all borders and it is now known all over the world, with San Sebastian being one of the most famous places in Spain for pintxo or tapas. Here you can find the most diverse tapas in Spain, from traditional dishes to creative pieces of art in your plate or stick. This will be also a walking tour of the historical Old Part of San Sebastian, where our local guides will take you to the best bars in the city. Tapas can be done for vegetarians or without alcohol

The tour includes:
Visit to three or four bars with tapas and wine or another drink. Enough for dinner or lunch
Walking tour of the old part of San Sebastian with a local guide
Duration: Approximately 3h.
Recommended from 13.00-15.30h or 19.00– 22.00 h.
Cooking Classes
We offer two options for a cooking class in San Sebastian tapas style or more traditional Basque cooking. Most of the classes are half day, with duration of about 3-4h and include the meals you have cooked with wine, so you can have them for lunch or dinner. All of them include the recipes you just cooked. All menus can be adapted to vegetarians upon request

You will start the day with a visit to the market with your guide/chef, where you will learn about the most typical Spanish products Iberico ham, olive oil, cheese, etc. Then continue to the hands on cooking class to learn the secrets of the world famous Spanish tapas or pintxos. Finally enjoy a well-deserved lunch with the pintxos you cooked accompanied by wine.

Duration: Half-day cooking class, 3 and a half to 4 h aprox. The class is usually be done for lunch, start around 10.00am. You can do it for dinner as well, without the market visit.

You´ll prepare a delicious four course dinner in a cooking school right in the center of San Sebastian, based on some of the most famous recipes of regional Basque cuisine. Dinner paired with wine will follow.

Duration: Half-day cooking class, 3 and a half to 4 h aprox. This class is usually done for dinner, but can be done for lunch as well, at 10am and 6pm
One day Excursions
Getaria, just a half an hour from San Sebastian, s a small fishing village that is the heart of one of the smallest wine region in Spain, txacoli, a tart white wine that is produce just in the north of Spain. You´ll depart San Sebastian, visit a tuna producer, walk around beautiful Getaria and visit a txacoli winery with wine tasting accompanied by local tuna before heading back. Getraia is home of the new Balenciaga Museum. You can add a visit to the Museum and lunch in Getaria. Duration about 4h.

The Rioja wine tour is always a great surprise, mainly because of the winery diversity. You will visit two of the great Rioja wineries, have a traditional lunch and back. Rioja is two hours from San Sebastian.

All our tours are private and customized for your group. Our tours include two winery visits with wine tasting, traditional lunch with wine and an English speaking guide/driver. In this trip we would like you to experience all the aspects of wine, from the types of grapes used and how to grow them, to the secrets of wine tasting in the Spanish wineries, while enjoying Spanish gastronomy, art, history, culture and other activities.

(approximate duration 10h)
8.30 AM. Pick up from your hotel
10.30 M. First winery visit with wine tasting
12.30PM. Second winery visit with wine tasting
2.30 PM. Traditional lunch in a winery or a restaurant and walk around the medieval town of Laguardia or any of the medieval towns in Rioja
4.30PM. Back to San Sebastian with expected arrival at 6.30PM

Tours include: Pick up from your hotel, two winery visits with wine tasting, traditional lunch with wine and an English speaking guide/driver. Wineries will be selected when reservation is made according to your preferences and availability.
Spanish Wine Tastingso
Learn the secrets of Spanish wine in the heart of San Sebastian with our outstanding wine professionals. You can enjoy one of our wine tastings, tasting five different wines. The tastings will be personalized, depending on the needs of the participants. Tapas or appetizers can be added at the end. A wine paired dinner can also follow. Duration: Wine tastings are two hours long

Price depends on the number of people in the party and the wines.